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Setting up Open VPN on Ubuntu
Setting up Open VPN on Ubuntu

Instructions for setting up OpenVPN on Ubuntu

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Here are some high-level instructions for setting up OpenVPN on Ubuntu and configuring a connection to Ghost Path. You can download .ovpn files for each of our VPN gateways at

1. Install OpenVPN:

sudo apt-get install openvpn

2. Screen (or byobu):

sudo apt-get install screen

3. To Run OpenVPN:

Start Terminal, run screen, then enter

sudo openvpn --config [file location]

ex: sudo openvpn --config /home/USER/london.ovpn

Enter your login and password at the prompts. Hit ctrl-a, then 'd' to detach from the screen session.

4. To Stop OpenVPN:

Search for the active OpenVPN connection

ps aux | grep openvpn

Note the PID of the active connection; kill the connection with

sudo kill -2 PID

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