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Websites Won't Load When Connected to VPN
Websites Won't Load When Connected to VPN
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If you are having trouble getting websites to load when you're connected to Ghost Path VPN, but the websites load normally when you're not connected, then try the following.

Possible Solutions

Check Your Firewall

If you are running any sort of firewall then you should first check to make sure that you aren't blocking Ghost Path, any other VPN client that you use, or our servers.

Try a Different VPN Server

It's possible that this could be an issue localized to the specific VPN gateway that you are connecting to. Try disconnecting from the current server and connect to a different one. If you believe the issue is isolated to a particular server location then Contact Us and let us know.

Proxy Settings

Make sure that your browser isn't using a proxy. Set your browser to use no proxy or to auto-detect the proxy.

DNS Servers

Many navigational issues can be resolved by using DNS servers other than those provided by your ISP. We recommend using either Google DNS or OpenDNS, but there are several other good ones available.

Contact Us

If none of these suggestions help then feel free to Contact Us and we'll help right away.

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