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Most Common Connection Problems
Most Common Connection Problems

If you're having problems connecting to a Ghost Path VPN server, look here first.

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The VPN Server Isn't Responding

We have a bunch of VPN servers, and occasionally some of them go offline for one reason or another. If you are having trouble getting connected to a server that you usually use then you should try a different server temporarily. If that doesn't work then you should submit a support ticket.

I Can Connect, But No Data Is Coming Through The Connection

If you are successfully connected to the VPN server but can't get any websites to load or any data to transfer then you may want to make sure that your firewall settings aren't blocking the VPN. Go into your firewall settings and add an exception for your VPN client. There are several other things to try if this doesn't help. If that doesn't work then submit a support ticket.

How Can I Tell if the VPN is Working?

If you are connected to the VPN then you should see your IP address change to that of the VPN server. Just visit our homepage and see what is says about your IP address and location. If it shows that of the server you're connecting to then you are good to go.

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