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How To Choose Which VPN Server To Connect To
How To Choose Which VPN Server To Connect To

Which VPN server is right for you? This article explains what factors should be important to you.

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Ghost Path offers a wide variety of VPN servers in a lot of countries. It can get confusing when trying to decided which server you want to use. A few factors come into play when deciding which VPN server will work best for you.

1. Location: The simplest solution is to always choose the server that is closest to your location. For example, Ghost Path is located in the state of Georgia, so we typically connect through the Atlanta servers. Connecting to the closest servers typically gives you the best speeds (but not always).

2. Connection Speed: Speed is the most important factor in your VPN server choice. Usually the closest server will be the fastest, but sometimes you might find that connecting to a server a little further away gives you less latency. The Ghost Path VPN client has the ability to test VPN servers and find which one is the fastest, so that's highly recommended. If you use another VPN client then you should choose 4 or 5 of the closest servers, test them all out, and see which one performs best for you.

3. Special Needs: A common VPN use is to get around geolocation, meaning that you will want to choose a VPN server in a specific location. In this case your proximity to the VPN server and it's speed less important than where you want your traffic to appear to be coming from.

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